Get your Stripe Payment Link

Get paid with just a simple link to share anywhere with anyone!

Get your Stripe payment link and get paid anywhere. In emails, on a non-SSL website, donation, from an ebook, in forum posts, paper book, ... (by just putting your unique payment link!).

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Not having "https" on your website won't be a problem anymore! You don't even need a website anymore! Just put your Stripe (or PayPal) link on your mobile app, in your emails, on forums, on your FB page, Instagram post, or even on your paper book!
You will be notified by email each time someone buys the item from your link.

"One Account" = "One Stripe Link Form" (to share anywhere with anyone)
You will need more accounts (with other valid email addresses) if you need more stripe links.

Psst! It now works also with PayPal! Get easier your PayPal Payment Link than generating a PayPal button through the old and painful PayPal website.